Camden Highline Competition

Camden Highline Competition

Shortlisted entry

London, UK


type: park

client: private

area: 1.77ha (1.2km) 

a competition to revitalize a disused elevated railway line in camden town. We want to acknowledge the character and the peculiarities of the neighborhood, home to a great diversity of people and communities. Our proposal is about designing a variety of local “small natures” on the 1.2 km long site. Each one of them responds to the different microclimates and natural conditions along the railway line, and in turn they influence the surrounding environment. With the input and help of the local communities, the relationships between designed and self-seeded, nature and artificial, people and landscape, will constantly change and become blurred. 

People can walk from one end to the other of the site, or they can spend time on the highline as a “community terrace”, and enjoy a myriad of encounters and activities.