České Budějovice Energy Park

České Budějovice Energy Park

České Budějovice, Cheze


type: competition

client: public

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Human activities have modified nature in the Bohemia region for hundreds of years, for many purposes. Any landscape and scenery comprising natural elements that is visible to the eye, is in reality a product of man's interventions.
Historical layers overlap: artificial forests, agricultural fields, fish-ponds have been built in different eras, and they appear to us today, providing us with spaces to live and to work, roads to move on, sceneries to look at. Some of them very much changed, some of them not at all.
More recently, industrial facilities, factories, energy plants, appeared scattered on the territory, expressing man's industrial revolution for the sake of people's wellbeing and economic prosperity.
And yet, nature was not pushed away: nature is thriving in the shape of thick woods, meadows, biotopes.
A deep and complex connection between nature and culture was born. Man's artificial interventions became nests for nature.

At the energy plant site, man's interventions have produced new nests.
A falcon made its nest on the tall chimney.
Bor Pond, originally made by man for fish farming, is going to be designated "natural monument".
These two artificial objects already became nests for nature. Human and nature coexisting, making mutual relationships.

The new interventions we humans create become nests embracing plants and animals, as well as nests for ourselves. To create such places is our aim for this project.
Places where people live, places which generate culture, becoming the habitat for the nature existing here.

Making a landscape of nests. Nests are for humans, for animals, for plants, for their coexisting.
The overall area becomes a large network of nests through the propagation of culture and nature.